Powder coating has been around for many years, but not on the small commercial level. We at Auto Body Contours, to continue with our quality and craftsmanship, have opened up that avenue for the person who needs the small batch type of powder coating. It could be that hot rod frame that you don't want to paint anymore, or that wrought iron furniture on your lawn that's just rusting away. Powder coat it, bring it back to it's original condition.

What is powder coating you may ask?
Powder coating is electrostatically applying a dry powder medium to a clean metal surface, then baking it at 375 degrees for curing. To compare liquid painting to powder coating would be like comparing an Edsel to a Porsche 911 Turbo, or an old and antique process to new and future technology. Our powder supplier ,Tiger Drylac has a wide variety of colors and textures available to choose from. Our batch oven gives us the flexibility to do large pieces, or smaller batch jobs. This allows us to satisfy the needs of businesses who might have small groups of materials to be powder coated. We can also satisfy the needs of the automotive antique and speed enthusiast for parts of their vehicles. This process is also the the best way for you to end that yearly drudgery of liquid painting your outdoor furniture.

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